Leadlines Stained Glass Studio is located near Belfast, Northern Ireland in the picturesque setting of Donegore, Dunadry. The stained glass studio is home to artist, David Esler, who has worked as a stained glass artist for over 40 years.  At the studio you will receive expert advice and individual design for both contemporary and traditional stained glass for domestic, commercial and ecclesiastic situations.  David has been an Associate Member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters since October 2001.

Using the versatility of traditional techniques of painting, staining, and enameling David has developed a strong distinctive style of work.  He also works in the medium of fused glass and pvb vinyl laminated in glass.  Inspiration comes from poetry, nature and symbolism which influence the themes and narratives of each commission.

David possesses the ability to adapt his style dependant upon the location of the commission, be it a modern or traditional setting, Ecclesiastical, Corporate or a Domestic dwelling.


David approaches each project with great sensitivity bringing understanding and knowledge of the subject. Each project is researched thoroughly before creating the initial design.

Spiritual narrative, movement, colour and light are important elements to the dynamic of David’s design process; this results in a stained glass feature with an encouragement to those who will view his work for generations to come.

“Stained glass within the spiritual context has the potential to be at its best a dramatic, lyrical and enigmatic art form.”
David Esler AMGP


Inspired by nature, poetry and culture, David sets his themes to new rhythms through colour and light. His work in glass acts as a signifier of modernity for potential clients in the corporate sector.

“Glass can provide a focal point to dramatise a space within any building bringing an ever changing mood to the area”
David Esler AMGP


David works closely with clients to create traditional and contemporary bespoke works of art in the medium of glass. His subtle use of movement and colour combine with the play of light to create the unique individuality each client demands.

You will be advised on all styles of design in glass that will enhance any environment.
New leaded and stained glass can be provided encased in double glazed units as well as the traditional method of single glazing.

“The use of design in the home should say something about the individuality of the people who live there.”
David Esler AMGP