We offer incredible opportunities to learn from and work with David and fellow students in the studio.


One Day Workshop

The morning is spent learning the techniques of painting on glass using traditional paint and a variety of brushes. These techniques include tracing and matting, learning to control the paint to produce a confident trace-line and using different brushes to make a smooth and even matt. You will also work with a variety of brushes, sticks, and quills to create different decorative effects in both wet and dry matts and to learn the techniques of shading. The glass will be fired at the end of the morning session.

The afternoon will be spent applying further paint to develop the image and in using silver-stain and enamels which impart additional colours to the glass when fired. There will be a second firing and students will take home a finished piece approximately 12" x 12".

Please contact the studio for more details on this fantastic experience.

Group Workshop

When working with a group, we are sensitive to the needs and scheduling that are unique to singular groups.